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Everything that you need to know about using the Cutthroatmodeling.com site!

Okay first of all, we do not want to bog you down with a bunch of rules and regulations. But at the same time we need to ensure that this site is a safe place for all of our members. So on that note... let's just have fun!

-Guess what... this website is for the people in the modeling industry to sell their talents to others in the industry. If you create a profile you must post pics of your work. There are no exceptions. Profiles without pics will be deleted within three days.

-Be curteous as you never know who someone elses contacts are. Respect goes a long way. Remember the person you dislike the most might be the one who knows the person that can give you your big break within the industry! We have all levels of experience on this site, from beginners to pros!

-Are you serious... get that cell phone pick out of here! This is a site for people in the modeling industry.

-Dude... I know that you are not trying to use Cutthroatmodeling.com as a dating site. Again Cutthroatmodeling.com is a way for people in the modeling industry to collaberate. Try Fairytaleromances if you are really that desperate for a date!

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